When a friend from across the country visits your city for the first time, you act like a lame tourist for a few days.  Those five days reminded me of all the reasons why I love Boston. It was like a reintroduction to my home and all it’s greatest perks.

Can’t even lie, food was a huge part of this visit.  We did stay in the North End.  Of course we had to include a pastry battle between Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry (Mike’s all day).  Got Angelica addicted to Poland Spring water (seriously most refreshing water on Earth, lol) and ridiciously large pizza slices from Ernesto’s.  I think a drunken walk to Bova’s at 2 AM has pretty much become a rite of passage in Boston so it just made sense to get steak and cheese rice balls (arancini de riso) on our way home from our loop through shitty nightclubs in town.

I’m beyond blessed to have Boston as my home city and feel even more blessed to have friends across the country who I get to brag all about it to.  Sometimes rushing around, going through our daily routines we can forget to be appreciative of this beautiful, safe, historic, unique place.  This visit reminded me of all the beautiful things around me.  It reminded me to be grateful that I get to wake up in this city everyday.  It reminded me to be grateful of the amazing friends I’ve made in this city and the ones that visit this city from 2,500 miles away.

If you haven’t been to Boston, you’re slacking but hey I get it, traveling is expensive.  Highly recommend a “stay-cation” in your own city or home.  Take a few actual days off and see where you are.